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Meet Lisa

L Davis is a Qualified and Experienced tax professional and personal finance expert with over 15 years of reviewing and advising tax payers in the area of tax laws.

She is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals and overcome their tax challenges.

L Davis realized that many of her clients needed more than just tax services. They also needed guidance and advice on how to manage their personal finances and plan for their future.

L Davis then founded her own business, L Davis Tax and Personal Finance, with the vision of providing comprehensive and personalized tax and financial services to individuals, families, and small businesses. She believes that everyone deserves to have a trusted and reliable partner for their tax and financial needs, and she strives to deliver the best service and results for her clients.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their financial goals and overcome their tax challenges. We do this by providing professional and personalized tax and financial services that meet their specific needs and expectations.

Our vision is to be the leading tax and financial service provider in the country, and to build long-term and lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and respect.

Our Values Are:


We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards, and we act with honesty and transparency in everything we do.


We deliver high-quality and accurate work, and we constantly seek to improve our knowledge and skills.


We listen to our clients and understand their goals and challenges, and we tailor our services to meet their unique situations and preferences.


We communicate clearly and effectively with our clients, and we keep them informed and updated throughout the process.


We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations and ensure their satisfaction and happiness.

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